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Rigpa Shunya, ARNP, PMHNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

I specialize in treating wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Especially Generalized Anxiety, Panic disorder, PTSD, Major Depression, ADHD, Bipolar mood disorder, Anger problem, Marital relationship issues, how to practice Forgiveness. I help provide methods to transcend harmful negative destructive emotions and heal oneself and others.

My treatment method is evidenced based, working in collaboration with my provider team and applying psychotropic medications and Therapy such as Mindfulness Meditation and higher practice called Super Consciousness.

My approach is client focused. Client being the director of their treatment. I see every human being as having Enlightenment as their true nature, thus capable of expressing Enlighten qualities, such as Boundless Compassion, Kindness, patience, Love for all. The obstacle to our Enlighten State that obscure its Brilliant light and qualities is the first layer of mind that is programmed in us that I call ‘Ego Personality Layer of Mind.”

You can say my main work is to help you discover, reveal, and help you return to your true nature, “The state of Enlightenment.” Returning home to your true nature you will find peace, contentment, fulfillment and true healing. “ Don’t undermine your glory, you are great, let me guide you to it.”