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What is the Siouxland Community Health Foundation?

The Siouxland Community Health Foundation was established to assist the Siouxland Community Health Center in achieving its mission and goals. It’s comprised of a base of individuals, corporations and foundation members who understand and appreciate the SCHC’s mission and want to support it.

Incorporated in 1994, the SCHF came into existence to purchase and own property for the Siouxland Community Health Center, which was started in 1992 with a loan from St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center (now UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s) and Marian Health Center (now Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City) and is now located on its own campus at 1021 Nebraska St.

Since then, monies raised privately through the foundation have been used along with federal funding to provide and expand services at the SCHC.  Because of the efforts of the SCHF in fundraising and strategic planning, the SCHC is mostly self-sufficient and can offer services it wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Today,  the SCHC is a patient-centered home for medical, dental, pharmacy, lab, behavioral health and social services, a child health program, and HIV testing, care and prevention. These services are provided to anyone in the community who needs them for a sliding fee based on their income.

Interested in seeing what we’re doing at the Siouxland Community Health Center? Call Brendyn Richards to arrange a tour at 712-226-9022.

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How you can support the Siouxland Community Health Foundation


Outright cash gifts in the form of cash, check, credit card or other means.  If you itemize, a cash gift gives you an immediate charitable deduction on your federal income taxes.  If you are giving by check, please make the check out to “Siouxland Community Health Foundation”.


If you have owned an appreciated stock for more than one year, this creates a great opportunity to make a gift to Siouxland Community Health Center Foundation.  The donation of appreciated stock gives the donor an income tax deduction and also eliminates any capital gains tax on that stock.  Call Brendyn Richards at (712) 226-9022 and he will work with you on any stock gift.

Real Estate

Do you have a house, a piece of property or other form of real estate that no longer fits your style or investment mix?  Gifting that real estate to the Siouxland Community Health Center might be the answer.  You would eliminate the inconvenience of selling the property and also potentially enjoy income tax deductions accompanied by possible deductions on your estate tax.

Life Insurance

This is a simple way to make a gift.  You can do it in one of two ways.  Choose Siouxland Community Health Foundation as the beneficiary.  There is no income tax deduction because in this instance the donor retains the ownership of the policy.   However, if the donor chooses to name SCHC as the beneficiary and also transfers ownership of the policy an income tax deduction could be realized.

401-K Distributions

This is a relatively new method of giving that is appealing to those who are now taking or soon will be taking mandatory distributions from the 401-K.   Donors must be at least 70 ½ years of age to qualify for this charitable vehicle.  Earmarking your 401-K distribution to SCHC your charitable gift will reduce your estate tax liability.  Any gift from a 401-K needs spousal approval.

Charitable Gift Annuities

This option is growing in popularity.  In fact, a donor who executes a charitable gift annuity with SCHC receives a fix amount of income for the rest of their lives.  The concept is simple.  The donor buys an annuity at the amount they choose.  SCHC, in turn, agrees to pay the donor a set interest rate on that donation for the annuitant’s lifetime.  Upon the death of the annuitant, SCHC retains the remaining capital.  A charitable gift annuity is particularly appealing to those who currently invest in certificates of deposit and are receiving miniscule investment income.  Gift annuity rates are typically much higher than conventional interest rates available at a bank or savings and loan.

Foundation Board

Linda Phillips

Linda Phillips


George Boykin

George Boykin


Neil Bartholomew

Neil Bartholomew

Eagle Ridge Corporate Services

Dr. Dona Prince

Dr. Dona Prince


Karin Swanson

Karin Swanson

Educator at Sioux City Public Schools